Parco della Maremma

The Natural Regional Park of Maremma was instituted in 1975 but, not withstanding its reduced dimensions (app.10.000ha) and young age, in a short length of time has

become a reference point for an ever increasing number of people. Park of Maremma. In 1993 it was honored in the Diploma of European Park released by the European committee. Visiting the park will certainly be a pleasurable and informative experience, however one must bear in mind that stopping at just one visit may, in some instances, result in ones expectancy being deluded, often over-dimensioned with respect to the actual possibility offered by the brief length of time available; One must remember it is not a zoo, the animals run freely and are not at our disposition. The visit to the park is possible only on foot; there are two access points for the itineraries; Alberese and Talamone. For the itineraries departing from Alberese, of which there is a brief description, the access is normally possible on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, however for further information on the times and visits it is advisable to contact the information office of the park. 

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