Mangani Family-Pagliarin

The family Mangani comes in Pian of Rocca (then of ownership of the Grazioli Duke) in the 1925 from the Ash, place near Massa Marittima.


In the 1951 with the agrarian reform (Maremma corporation), to my encore grandfather (Primo) comes it assigned a piece of ground of terrestrial of 10 hectares with a olive grove and vineyard.


It comes built the farmer house (where hour is the farm).


In the 1962 my grandfather (Aldo) goes on to, in these years facts come so much ameliorations, between these theamplification of the house.

In the 1988 all this my mama (Iliana) goes on to.


it since then are begun to speak about farm, up to that in the 2001 reality becomes.

Manuele the Son