Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione Della Pescaia, a dated town overlooking the sea placed between Punta Ala and Marina di Grosseto. The old part of the town is a balcony on the Tyrrhenian sea , It’s the home of a tourist port which offers daily excursions to the islands found in the Tuscan archipelago.Castiglione della Pescaia boasts ancient origins, the first traces of encampment in this area go back sixty thousand years, whilst the first urban settlements are found in Vetulonia, the ancient town that the Etruscans built near lake Prile (no longer in existence) The Romans instead, founded the village of Salebrone famous for its mild climate, the lake teeming with fish and the surrounding area full of wild game. After the fall of the Roman Empire and the incursions of the Barbarians, in the year 962 Castiglione was given over to Pisa by Ottone the 1st of Sassonia, the emperor of Germania. Pisa exploited the resources without worrying about the sand filling the port and of the waters of the lake Prile that, becoming stagnant, caused the increase of malaria epidemics.

Il porto al tramonto
Il borgo di notte
Una panoramica della costa
scorcio del porto
Il lungomare
vie del borgo
Le Rocchette
la nostra spiaggia
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